Why Organic

People choose to consume organic products for a variety of reasons. For some people it is their concern for the adverse impact of chemicals on our environment that drive them to choose organic products. For some people organic foods are a way to keep chemical residues such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or atrificial growth hormones out of their bodies.

People like Your Way Organics whey because it has no additives,and it's sweetened with low-glycemic-index stevia, a sweet-leaved tropical herb.

All the whey Your Way Organics uses is rBGH-free. rBGH, or recombinant bovine growth hormone, was first synthesized by Monsanto in the early 1990s. Concern about potential side effects led to its being banned in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe. Although the Food and Drug Administration has declared food products from rBGH-treated cows safe for human consumption, a U.S. market has developed for rBGH-free foods.
Read Labels & Choose Carefully
Look for:
Low Sodium, not higher than 150 mg per serving
No added sugar or hidden sugar
If sweetened, choose a brand made with stevia
Free of GMO or GE ingredients
No fillers, additives, or artificial anything
Organic or non-rBGH (no hormones) if whey
Cold-processed if choosing whey
Look for gluten-free and soy-free options if needed
Choose one that offers between 15-24 grams of protein per serving
No stimulants such as caffeine, coffee extract or guarana

What Are Protein Powders?
Protein powders are an easy way to supplement high quality protein in our diets. Once the domain of bodybuilders and elite athletes, protein powders are now mainstream, used by many health-oriented people. They come in a variety of options with formulas and flavors to fit individual needs.

The Protein Powder Debate
The big debate over protein powder is how they are made. Some claim they are too processed to be considered healthy.  I share some of those concerns. There are both healthy and unhealthy options on the market.
Reading labels is critical. Some brands include preservatives, genetically modified or engineered ingredients, artificial sweeteners and flavors, and even contaminants like heavy metals, as revealed by Consumer Reports. Not what you want in your diet.

Why Use Them?
Eating protein at breakfast helps curb hunger, keep you balanced and reduce cravings throughout the day. When you add protein to a morning smoothie, it helps you feel full and more satisfied, longer.

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